Kristy Lee Rackham

Your Catalyst for Positive Change

About Kristy

BNurs, DipCouns, CertTAP, CertMR, CertEFT, CertMT

The Multidimensional, Multimodality Mentor for Health Professionals

Kristy is a leading multimodality holistic wellbeing practitioner, holistic business transition ‘wayshower’ mentor, bio-harmonic healer/channel, #1 best-selling author and mentor for Autistic, ADHD, Highly Sensitive, Neurodivergent CEOs, Health Professionals and their families.

Her profound work bridges sound, spirituality and science via a fusion of frequency-based modalities, on-point intuition and professional knowledge in health, healing, business and communications spanning 30 years. Neurodivergent lived-experience informs her work and led to innovations including Therapeutic Applied Percussion (T.A.P.)™: a rapid acting nervous system regulation and regression modality, The Me Map™: a model for holistic lifestyle sustainability, Sacred Energy Mastery™: energy literacy training and transformational online programs for neurodivergent CEOs, Health Professionals and Parents, attended by students globally.

Kristy’s teachings, tools and techniques challenge conventional perspectives and approaches to neurodivergent wellbeing. Her presence and professional acumen catalyse sovereign power, and activate greater levels of peace, vitality, clarity, emotional balance, productivity and increased life satisfaction in her clients… changes which continue to create a ripple effect of positive change throughout generations.

Kristy’s background includes work in television, events, and communications with A-list celebrities and CEOs in the health and entertainment industries in Australia and Internationally.

Her passion and purpose is to nurture the activation and optimisation of the human energy blueprint to restore other beings to their innate power and presence on Earth for greater health, harmony and happiness for all. Kristy lives in Queensland, Australia with her two wonderfully unique Teens.