Professional and Personal Holistic Training courses to Activate Your Potential and Improve Your Capacity for Health, Harmony and Happiness.

Nurse Created Professional Development, and Lived-Experience Training

Experience expert training and caring guidance with our program creator, Kristy Lee Rackham; Neurodivergent, trained nurse (non-practicing), Counsellor and Coach, and her team.

You are assured the peace of mind that your training includes evidence-based and scientifically backed content, and that you’re exploring your inner landscape and expanding your capacity under the guidance of a lived-experience and professionally qualified team with experience in health, mental health, energy healing, disability or neurodivergence.

NDIS Friendly programs

We support self and plan managed NDIS participants and will work with you to ensure your unique needs are being met throughout the program.. Just tell us which funding category you want to use:

  • Psychosocial Recovery Coaching
  • CB Skills Development and Training programs
  • CB Parents/Carers Support and Training
  • Core Social & Community Participation

You will receive a customised invoice accordingly. We can also create a service agreement on request.

Personal Development

With life’s challenges and uncertainties, we all need a practical, efficient and effective skill-set that can shift us out of chaos and into calm. Our programs help you learn how to create inner spaciousness and outer peace for a better quality of life. You’ll be expertly guided by Kristy Lee Rackham via self-paced or LIVE teachings and coaching.

Learn to access your soul-self, manage your negative mindset, and activate your body wisdom and innate healing capacity so you can not only handle life’s chaos but rise higher and claim the health, healing, abundance and goodness that is yours by birthright! Life is here to be lived… and lived WELL!

It’s time to ‘skill-up’, sort out your stress, and get the expert support you need to ACTIVATE and ACTUALISE your greatest potential!

Many of our programs are NDIS Friendly. We can work with you and your plan manager to ensure correct funding categories and your ability to participate in our courses.

Personal Development for Awakening Your Soul-Self

Activate your Potential

$1,500 per family (2 parents/carers)* – Start at any time

Anxiety and stress skills development, support and self-discovery coaching for Neurodivergent Parents, Carers, and adults (Autistic, ADHD, EDS, Highly Sensitive People).

Learn to shift your family’s ecosystem from chaos to calm with NEW, EFFECTIVE and PRACTICAL emotional self-regulation skills, expert support, peer community, and self-discovery processes in a holistic, person-centred, strength based, online experience. Live coaching, training and therapeutic group sessions with Kristy Lee.

NDIS funding may be used.

*flexible payment plans available. Please contact us to arrange.

Holistic Health Foundations

$597/person – Start at any time

Shift from daily survival mode to soul revival! Learn to rapidly master your mind, body and energy in everyday situations, where and when you need it most.

Connect with your intuition, access your energy blueprint, awaken your innate body wisdom for self-healing capacity and ignite your soul shine. This program is self-paced for flexible learning around your schedule with video, audio and pdf resources for optimal learning.
NDIS funding may be used.

*flexible payment plans available. Please contact us to arrange.

Money-Stress Mastery Masterclass

$27/person – Start at anytime

This short and gripping audio course takes you through the importance of clearing your energy blocks for releasing stress and anxiety around your finances. Includes a channelled guided ‘event of origin’ regression process from the Divine Council of 12, channelled through Kristy lee, to shift limiting beliefs around money and activate more abundance and prosperity.

Professional Development Holistic Pathway

Your ultimate professional pathway to becoming a true holistic therapist, Nurse or Allied Health provider, when you encompass MORE than body and mind – together we will upskill and certify you in cutting edge new holistic healing modalities complete with a thorough understanding of ‘energy literacy’.

You’ve got the health knowledge and bachelor qualifications, but to be truly holistic, you need to understand ENERGETICS of health, harmony and healing.

We specialise in helping Nurses, Massage Therapists and Allied Health practitioners transition into your new and exciting holistic framework for helping the world.

Kristy’s neurodivergent genius is to activate your innate potential and optimise your own gifts and talents for maximum benefit. Let us work together to RAPIDLY get unstuck and shifting into your highest expression so you can live your legacy.

We’ll activate and optimise your own energy for magnetising and harnessing your unique neurodivergent gifts and talents, clear away energetic debris, invisible ceiling, anxiety and overwhelm, limiting beliefs and hidden unconscious blocks that are restricting your health, work, wealth and happiness.

We will EMBRACE and EMPOWER your inner self, DISSOLVE and RESOLVE any fears and lost Soul fragments that are limiting your divine expression of creative genius, and lift you up to REALISE your innate and PURE POTENTIALITY in human form!

IT’S TIME to SHOW UP in full technicolour and shine as the lighthouse and leader you truly are!

Level 1:
Therapeutic Applied Percussion (T.A.P)™ Acute Care Foundations - Modality Certificate Training

T.A.P. is a new modality for Allied Health practitioners and Nurses who want to guide, teach and empower their clients to rapidly decelerate acute mental, emotional and physical distress without medications.

T.A.P. is a surprisingly simple, yet powerful, set of holistic self-regulation protocols that combine in a unique and leveraged fusion of key ‘parts’.

T.A.P. is underpinned by cutting edge sciences and modalities such as Mindfulness, Epigenetics, Acoustics, Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Somatics and Quantum Physics (to name a few) which show that such practices create rapid heart/brain coherence which may assist to de-activation of the fight/flight/freeze response within a matter of minutes, and potentially arrest the development of further stress related illness and chronic dysfunction across all body systems.

Become a My Holistic Nurse endorsed T.A.P. Acute Care provider and help others live better with this practical, flexible and rapid acting modality. Upskill and seamlessly integrate with your existing modalities as a nurse or allied health practitioner.

Enjoy the safety net and comfort of a program researched, developed and facilitated by our highly qualified and experienced Founder – Kristy Lee Rackham, trained Nurse, holistic healing Counsellor and Coach for neurodivergent people, Holistic Business Transition mentor for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals.

Level 2:
Sacred Energy Mastery Holistic Healing training

Experience life-altering, expansive and enlightening professional development training in Sacred Energy Mastery.

This training expands and enhances your ‘energy literacy’ to move you further along the pathway of being a proficient and truly holistic healing practitioner. It is essential that energy workers are as light and aligned as they can be to serve others with excellence. That’s why in this program, you work on YOU to release and recalibrate YOUR subversive unconscious energy blocks and limiting mindset beliefs standing between you and your goals and dreams of having a thriving holistic healing practice.

In this program you’ll experience profound shifts in your OWN mindset, emotions, and energy and vitality levels and open to greater goodness in all areas of life…

Deepen your innate wisdom, enhance your professional intuition, and improve your energy weaving skills to flow more divine consciousness, light and joy into your work to vastly improve enhanced client outcomes.

Become a lighthouse of energy that activates a ripple effect of golden goodness in your community, whilst living your legacy.

Activate latent gifts, talents, confidence, self-trust, and get to know the ‘real you’ for maximising your business success.

Learn to access intuitive information and heart-based insight not otherwise available that can guide and support your clients to take inspired actions to bring about positive change

Learn to use the “Me Map (TM): Holistic Model for Holistic Lifestyle Sustainabilty” to identify your client’s primary and secondary focus for their sessions with you, and explain how they can use the Me Map themselves to focus their energies for lifestyle sustainability.

Level 3:
Allied Health and Nurse Holistic Business Transition Accelerator Mentoring and/or T.A.P. I.T.T. Masterclass Training

We customise a pathway to transition you into your ultimate holistic practice to suit your lifestyle and business goals.

You can choose to round out your transition to a truly holistic health practice and train in our ‘original event, root cause’ modality – ‘Advanced T.A.P. Intuitive Transformation Technique’ (I.T.T.) and/or take up our Holistic Healing Business Transition Accelerator Mentoring package.

T.A.P. Advanced: Intuitive Transformation Technique
TAP ITT is a rapid, gentle and profound guided energy healing approach to shifting a person’s experience of stressful events and traumatic experiences at their ‘origins’, that have been stored within their mental, emotional and energetic bodies (in this life and others) and negatively affect their ability to live well and thrive in their present reality.

Learning T.A.P. I.T.T. will let you add immense value and a highly leveraged business asset and endorsement to your existing professional skill-set, shifting your Allied Health business or independent, holistic Nursing practice into new stratospheres of success and supercharged client outcomes.

You’ll train exclusively with Kristy Lee in private mentoring and intimate masterclasses.

Allied Health + Nursing Business Transition Accelerator

By application only, this unique mentoring program helps you shift ‘out of the system’ and into your own holistic health and healing independent practice.

Your customised accelerator business mentoring package may incorporate:

  • BUSINESS BASICS – Know what is the right business model for your unique skillset, business goals and intentions, plus done-for-you resources, best apps, software and infrastructure recommendations for a thriving, sustainable practice that suits your lifestyle.
  • LEGALS + INSURANCE – How to make sure you’re doing things the right way, with integrity and ethics intact, including understanding how to serve NDIS participants.
  • MARKETING + PROMOTIONS – Understand what your unique and ideal niche is for your new practice and how to reach them with your budget, talents and natural gifts in mind.
  • PRICING + PACKAGING – Creating heart and soul-aligned services and packages. Learn how to price them without ‘dropping’ or sacrificing those who really need your help.
  • ENERGY MODALITY CERTIFICATION – Exclusive My Holistic Nurse certificate training so that you are a truly holistic practitioner with skills that encompass mind, body AND energy! May include Sacred Energy Mastery™ and Therapeutic Applied Percussion (T.A.P.)™ Acute Care Foundations, T.A.P.™ Advanced Intuitive Transformation Therapy (I.T.T.), and the Me Map™ holistic lifestyle sustainability coaching model training programs.
  • BUSINESS ‘BLOCKS’ BREAKTHROUGHS – Your business is an extension of WHO YOU ARE! To make the transition successfully your ‘inner landscape’ MUST be aligned with your outer actions. Your mentor program may include private 1:1 sessions with Kristy to bust your inner energy blocks, mindset fears, anxiety and limitations as you go so that you’re not getting stuck wasting time and energy avoiding the things you know you need to do so you can get into your new holistic business faster, and with more ease, grace and joy!


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