Kristy Lee Rackham


Professional and Personal Elevation Programs to Activate Your Potential and Upgrade Your Capacity for Health, Harmony and Happiness.

Nurse Created Professional Development, and Lived-Experience Training

Experience expert training and caring guidance with our program creator, Kristy Lee Rackham; International best-selling author, neurodivergent counsellor/coach, trained nurse (non-practicing), Sacred Energy Mastery(TM) mentor/healer, and her team.

Enjoy the peace of mind that your programs include high-level intuitive energetics AND evidence-based and scientifically backed content, and that you’re exploring your inner landscape and expanding your capacity under the guidance of a lived-experience and professionally qualified team with extensive experience in holistic health, mental health, energy healing, disability and/or neurodivergence.

NDIS Friendly programs

We may be able to support self/plan managed NDIS participants depending on your plan goals and funding categories. We can work with you to ensure your unique needs are being met throughout the program.  Your Support Coordinator will be able to guide you which of the following categories may be suitable for our program:

  • Capacity Building – Improved Daily Activities, Social and Community Participation
  • Core Social & Community Participation

You are welcome to book a FREE discovery call with Kristy by clicking here >>>

Personal Development

With life’s challenges and uncertainties, we all need a practical, efficient and effective skill-set that can shift us out of chaos and into calm. Our programs help you learn how to create inner spaciousness and outer peace for a better quality of life. You’ll be expertly guided by Kristy Lee Rackham via self-paced or LIVE teachings and coaching.

Learn to access your soul-self, manage your negative mindset, and activate your body wisdom and innate healing capacity so you can not only handle life’s chaos but rise higher and claim the health, healing, abundance and goodness that is yours by birthright! Life is here to be lived… and lived WELL!

It’s time to ‘skill-up’, sort out your stress, and get the expert support you need to ACTIVATE and ACTUALISE your greatest potential!

Personal Development for Awakening Your Soul-Self

Activate your Potential

$500 AUD * – Self Paced. Start at any time

Anxiety and stress skills development, support and self-discovery coaching for Neurodivergent Parents, Carers, and adults (Autistic, ADHD, EDS, Highly Sensitive People).

Learn to shift your family’s ecosystem from chaos to calm with NEW, EFFECTIVE and PRACTICAL emotional self-regulation skills, expert support, peer community, and self-discovery processes in a holistic, person-centred, strength based, online experience. Live coaching, training and therapeutic group sessions with Kristy Lee.

NDIS funding may be used.

*flexible payment plans available. Please contact us to arrange.

Free program expression of interest and advice

30 minutes – Free

Shift from daily survival mode to soul revival! Learn to rapidly master your mind, body and energy in everyday situations, where and when you need it most.

Connect with your intuition, access your energy blueprint, awaken your innate body wisdom for self-healing capacity and ignite your soul shine. This program is self-paced for flexible learning around your schedule with video, audio and pdf resources for optimal learning.
NDIS funding may be used.

*Flexible payment plans available. Please contact us to arrange. Kristy Lee Rackham has a range of Sacred Energy Mastery professional certificate training courses and holistic personal development courses for the public to improve their health, harmony and happiness. 

All courses are nurse created and heart/soul fuelled and include a range of non-invasive therapeutic tools (many of which are exclusive to My Holistic Nurse), and are designed to assist recipients to gain control over emotional, mental and physical distress, and repattern unresolved historical stressful events.

HEALTH PROFESSIONALS – Chat with us about your best pathway to holistic practice and/or learn more about becoming a Therapeutic Applied Percussion ™ and T.A.P. Intuitive Transformation Technique (T.A.P. I.T.T.) certificated provider to truly be an independent holistic nurse or allied health practitioner by embracing mind, body AND ENERGY in your work. 

PEACE SEEKERS – Find your real soul self, and learn new ways to build your capacity for improved quality of life.  Book to find out which program is best for you. Your NDIS funding may cover your training fee!


Project Me 2.0 : Me Map Workshop

Single Session – 4 hours – $350/person

Join me for an inspiring and creative self-development half day workshop to bring yourself into heart and soul alignment and creative flow for your goals and intentions!  🎉🌱

We will experientially honour the learning and growth of this year, cleanse our energetic system and mindsets of stuff that no longer serves, and get crystal clear on what our ‘real soul self’ is calling us toward in the next 12 months! 🙏✨

This is much more than a simple art or goal setting workshop… Its a transformational experience for your whole being! 🥂

The Me Map™ is a Holistic model for lifestyle sustainability, a unique-to-you personal map to shift from where you are now and step into the energetic slip-stream of the luscious life that’s arising from deep within for your highest good.

During the workshop we will play, create, chat, tune in, tune out, release and revive ourselves for the New Year via sound, creative expression and connection! 🙏💖

💮🌸🌺Know how to identify your current holistic health and harmony status and locate energy leaks and blocks to your success. 

💮🌸🌺Nurture your heart and settle your mind with creative expression so you can map out the steps to align soul with reality in 2023… 

💮🌸🌺Discover your primary petal… The conscious knowing of what’s imbalanced and needs your focused attention next to more rapidly move toward your hearts desires. 

💮🌸🌺Uncover your secondary petal… The secret space that your soul knows is evolving and growing beneath the surface, and when you heal and harness this, and unleash its power, life moves more smoothly with greater ease and joy.

💮🌸🌺Find out if you have a hidden tertiary influence hampering your progress which when you offer it love, devotion and attention, will stabilise and lift your wellbeing to new levels of goodness.

The Me Map™️ is more than a picture on a page, it’s a sacred geometric holistic representation of who you are right now and the areas you can leverage for maximum growth!

… And it is a chance to start releasing the road-blocks and on your path so you can more easily unfold into Divine life you were born to live.  We will use Emotional Freedom Technique and Therapeutic Applied Percussion™️, guided visualisation, art and creative expression to activate your souls knowing about where you’re going, and how you can empower yourself to make the journey more harmonious, joy-full and sacred. 

Holistic Health and Healing Foundations

$597 AUD *Self Paced. Start Right Now!

Release overwhelm, anxiety, and stress fast!  This course contains powerful FOUNDATIONAL self-care, self-healing and Soul-igniting practices for busy (and likely overwhelmed) people.  You’ll learn to rapidly master your emotional energy in everyday situations, clean up and clear out any stuck and stagnant energy in your body, and set your mind free with effective, evidence-based and rapid acting holistic tools and techniques.  This Nurse created course gives you the safety net and comfort of a program developed from 30 years experience in the health industry, plus 15 years experience as a Nurse and lived-experience navigating holistic health and healing as mother to two special needs kids!  

When: This is a self paced program. Schedule the training in your calender at a time that suits you. 

Where: Our exclusive online course platform, plus our student support Facebook Group with 20hours BONUS additional video content!

Spiritual Rapid Ascension Program

12-Week Private Transformation Program – by interview and  negotiation.

Private Mentoring Program for Multidimensional Neurodivergent CEOs, Health and Wellbeing Professionals and their families to overcome deep, ancient patterns of density, bodily blocks and energy congestion to supercharge your extra-sensory superpowers for maximum potency, productivity and power on Earth. 


Work with Kristy. Book a free program expression of interest call to discuss your Pathway to a thriving holistic healing practice