Kristy Lee Rackham

One-on-One Mentoring

Strategic and On-point Intuitive Mentoring to Optimise your Personal and Professional Potential

Activate, Optimise and Expand your Divine, Soul Aligned Purpose With More Ease, Grace And Joy Than You Ever Thought Was Possible!

You are a unique thread of Source Energy with a DIVINE REASON FOR BEING here on the planet at this time. If you’ve found your way here today, you already have a knowing that this is true!

You know you’re here to make a mark, to improve humanity through your business pursuits and life purpose… and you may also have a secret, silent knowing deep within that it is time for accelerated ascension… both personally and professionally to achieve your vision.

Kristy Lee offers a limited number of private 1:1 PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL breakthrough mentoring opportunities each month.

90min INITIALHolistic Healing Pathways Consult (Telehealth globally)

Utilising Kristy’s extensive and holistic modality repertoire and expertise, we will use ‘The Me Map’™ model for holistic lifestyle sustainability to create a pathway and comprehensive plan to activate your innate ability to heal and prosper, harness your neurodivergent strengths and gifts, and elevate your experience in life. Your plan may include multimodality tools, therapy, training and techniques to get you unstuck, sooth your struggles, and identify the next best steps on your journey to a into a lighter life.

60min: FOLLOW UP Personal Empowerment + Holistic Healing Counselling/Coaching (Telehealth globally)

These sessions use a fluid and intuitive approach to help you gain personal empowerment, life insight and develop healthy coping strategies and holistic approaches to lifestyle sustainability.

We’ll tune in to your soul-self, resolve negative behaviours and mindset challenges such as anxiety, stress, worry, procrastion, confusion etc.. clear your energy field and settle your nervous system so you can feel peace, calm, and crystal clarity for important life choice points. These sessions assist to rewrite negative, stressful or limiting beliefs and behaviors to bring greater health, harmony and happiness to your home.

60min Channelled Guidance / Spiritual Mentoring (Video/phone globally)

Sometimes we need to have a reflection of ourselves to find greater understanding and feel confidence on our path!

Whether you want clarification on what you’re already sensing, or need some spiritual guidance on the energies at play in your life, to further unlock your greatest potentials for a happy, healthy and harmonious life, this session allows is to tune in to the guidance of the Universe to soothe your soul and calm your mind.

Private 1:1 channelled guidance with ‘Amara’ through Kristy, spiritual mentoring, innovative intuitive development, insight and guidance for deepening and enhancing your self and spiritual development

90min Bio-Harmonic ‘Frequency Fusion’ Sound Immersion Experience (In-person or video conf. globally)

A deeply expansive, healing and soothing sound immersion experience with an intuitive fusion of vocal toning, crystal sound bowls, therapeutic massage, tapping, bio-energetic re-alignment/balancing for improved holistic wellbeing, perfectly tailored to your unique needs.

This profound but gentle and nurturing process is unique to Kristy Lee and is founded in Epigenetics, Somatics, Quantum, Acoustic/Music, and ‘superconsciousness access’ science and techniques. It may help to release deep-rooted mental/emotional dysfunction and stored cellular trauma, access and shift ancestral/inter-generational energy congestion. Its purpose is to free you to open to greater levels of peace, calm, vitality, mental clarity, emotional balance, release physical pain and increase the overall enjoyment of your life.

You will leave feeling freshly bathed in Divine light and sound, emerging changed, renewed, sparkling and soothed!
** You will require headphones to get the most benefit from this session.

60/90min Holistic Business Transition + 'blocks' Breakthrough Mentoring for Health Professionals

A unique synergy of 3 decades of business experience to bring you holistic mentoring that may include transition strategy for a holistic health practice model, ‘blocks’ breakthrough for motivation, procrastination and confusion to get clarity and confidence for your next move in business, strategic planning for transitioning into a holistic business space, communications, PR, advertising and marketing advice, up-skilling CPD training and on-point business intuitive guidance as needed.

We will target and resolve predominant limiting mindsets, beliefs, behaviours and energy blocks to bring about greater clarity, calm and peace in your inner landscape, build your resilience and capacity to thrive, and bring more vitality and positivity in your outer reality so that your business is aligned with your authentic self.

NDIS Mentoring Services

We are a non-registered NDIS provider working with Self-Managed and Plan-Managed participants who want to have preferences for natural, holistic, spiritual or complementary wellbeing inclusions to achieve their NDIS plan goals.

We can support NDIS participants with group and private therapeutic programs, recovery coaching, social and community participation, capacity building, skills development and training in their plan. Most of our courses and mentoring suit most NDIS plans!

NDIS participants can have peace of mind knowing their program was designed by a holistic wellbeing coach (originally trained as a Nurse, Counsellor and Massage Therapist) and we can work with your plan manager to ensure you are using the correct funding categories for our services.

Kristy Lee and her children are all Neurodivergent. Kristy has lived experience navigating the NDIS system as a parent and has been offering professional services to NDIS participants as an independent consultant for many years, and is familiar with the nuances and specific requirements of NDIS plans.

We can’t give any specific NDIS advice, so please talk with your support coordinator or plan manager beforehand to avoid your course being paid out-of-pocket.

NDIS: INITIAL Recovery Coaching / Skills Training + Development Session (Telehealth only)

Kristy has worked as a Nurse and Counsellor in the NDIS system and as such has extensive experience in many aspects of care planning, team care coordination and therapy provision. She is also lived-experience in mental health as an Autistic/ADHD adult, and her two teens are also on the spectrum. Her 30+ years experience in business, health, healing, spirituality, art, music, television production, and more, mean she can draw on decades of understanding and expertise to guide you on your NDIS journey. During your initial session, Kristy will use ‘The Me Map’™ to guide you through a thorough holistic assessment and analysis and create a customised plan to align your goals with your recovery coaching and skills development journey. We will dive into your goals and intentions for a more holistic, healthy, sustainable and joyful life. You’ll receive support, crystal clarity and confidence to keep moving forward on your well-being and recovery/self-discovery, and capacity-building journey.

NDIS : 60min Recovery Coaching Session (Telehealth only)

Our Recovery Coaching encompasses a unique fusion of holistic therapy, training, management and improvement of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, pain busting tools to break through limits to living your best life.

Drawing on my extensive lived experience as a Neurodivergent person (ADHD, Autistic, EDS), previous training as a Nurse, Massage Therapist and Counsellor and multi-modality experience, your session is highly customised to your needs and may include – mentoring, counselling, coaching, creative expression, care coordination, guidance, planning, accountability, support for any and all aspects of life, including mental and emotional breakthrough techniques to get you unstuck, sooth your struggles, and identify the next best steps on your journey to a into a lighter life.

NDIS : 60min Skills Development and Training
(Telehealth only)

Your skills session is customised to your needs and may include a combination of pre-recorded training videos/audios and written resources, q&a coaching, skills development training, mentoring, counselling, coaching, creative expression, care coordination, guidance, planning, accountability, support for any and all aspects of life, including mental and emotional breakthrough techniques to get you unstuck, sooth your struggles, and identify the next best steps on your journey to a into a lighter life.

These sessions assist to develop healthy coping strategies and tools, manage negative, stressful or limiting behaviours and thoughts to bring greater ease to mind, body and soul and increase harmony in the home.

To chat about how we can work within your NDIS plan please book a FREE consultation.