Kristy Lee Rackham


No. 1 International Best Selling Author


Headspace e-Book by Kristy Lee Rackham

Head Space: Meditate Your Way to Study Success

If you want to feel better, think better, and do better in your studies, then create a little Head Space for yourself! This fresh, beautiful and practical handbook "Head Space-Meditate Your Way to Study Success" is going to show you how to do it!

Mindful study is the golden key to...

  • Staying cool, calm and collected for exams & assignment deadlines.
  • Maximising study schedules.
  • Retaining more course information.
  • Recalling course info when needed.
  • Improving study outcomes enhancing memory, and becoming smarter!!!

'Head Space' uses quick, easy and effective mind management techniques you can integrate into your daily life RIGHT NOW and join the Mindfulness Education Movement (MEM) for a happier head space all around! Designed by a neurodivergent ADHD brain for neurodivergent brains! Kindle + Paperback on LULU or AMAZON

No 1 Best Selling book - Warriors of Light

Warriors of Light: Leaders of the Great Awakening

#1 International Best Seller

It is no secret that we are living through momentous times.

As society’s tectonic plates begin to shift and change, there are many who are remembering their mission.

They are here to anchor the light.

This book shares the wisdom from the starseeds, changemakers, visionaries, healers and disruptors who are all on a mission to shift the consciousness of the planet, and initiate The Great Awakening.

They are Warriors of Light, and these are their stories.

Kindle + Paperback

Whole WOman - A collection of Wisdom from Whole Woman Presenters e-Book

Whole Woman: A Collection of Wisdom FREE E-BOOK

The Whole Woman Ebook was inspired by the Whole Woman teleseminar series.The women who have contributed all have their own businesses but are also mothers, daughters, sisters and partners. Their sharing is part of their life experience.

Individually and collectively they offer wisdom, skill and compassion to the world.

May the content you find within bring you either closer to or deeper in, connection to your Whole Woman Being.